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June 27, 2014

Recent Readings 2014 Week 24

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People are motivated by the sense that they are building something. What they’re building does not seem to be particularly important. 

What does seem to matter is that people have a consistent sense that each problem they solve somehow “builds on” the set of problems they have solved in the past.  With this “sense of meaning” intact, people will happily work very hard so long as their other basic needs are taken care of.

Without the “sense of meaning,” no amount of coercion or money will get people to solve problems in a creative fashion.

table of user/subscribers for various information and telecom services

“Seven-point-one billion mobile phone subscriptions means one subscription for every person on the planet. But it’s only gonna go up, up, up — in Europe they’ve already got three mobile accounts for every two living people.” – Bruce Sterling






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