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June 30, 2014

Programming Perl in 2034

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Charlie Stross – ‎Keynote‎ – YouTube.

Charlie Stross’s keynote talk talk: technology 100 years ago and 20 years into the future – compare and contrast transportation technology with information technology.


May 30, 2014

Recent Readings: 2014 Week 13

Everything Will Be Alright*

Working for a Living:


Not Working as Designed:

March 4, 2014

Recent Readings: 2014 Week 09

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Two large FM two-way units in the trunk of an automobile, built by Motorola in 1940. Two-way radio’s first use was with municipal police and fire departments..



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January 31, 2014

Recent Readings: 2014 Week 4

Society and Policy:



Embedded Development:

July 24, 2013

Recent Readings Week 30

I’ve been kicking around the idea of using Git as a “backdoor” to ClearCase/UCM – see this blog post at We’ll use ClearCase UCM on a Unix/Linux machine then access/share the code via Git on Windows PC.

• how to set Git up with multiple ClearCase branches
• how much work is to keep everything in sync
• how to automatically propagate changes from ClearCase to Git
• how to automatically propagate changes from Git to ClearCase
• how to do code inspections – metrics are collected and analyzed




July 12, 2013

Recent Readings Week 22

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IMT-Advanced explained – *I want to slap the T-Mobile spokes model in back of head NCIS style* – what is being marketed as 4G is more honestly 3.5G, what’s marketed as LTE is only 4G-capable and what being called 5G (LTE-Advanced?) is really just full 4G.


Tech News

April 19, 2013

Recent Readings

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We live in a not just a parallel processor world, but it’s heterogeneous. My career has working on platforms that incorporated ASICs in combination with general purpose processors, FPGAs and DSPs.

Other readings:

March 29, 2013

Bell Labs Tribute to Dennis Ritchie – YouTube

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Bell Labs Tribute to Dennis Ritchie is the video from Dennis Ritchie Day at Bell Labs: The Lasting Legacy of Dennis Ritchie: The Impact of Software on Society.

The agenda:

  • Al Aho, original member of the Bell Labs Computer Systems Lab where UNIX and the C programming language were invented. He co-authored the AWK programming language and is currently Professor of Computer Science, Columbia University;
  • Brian Kernighan, original member of the Computer Systems team who co-authored the C programming language book with Ritchie; he is currently Professor of Computer Science, Princeton University;
  • Doug McIlroy, who led the Computer Systems Lab, and is currently Professor of Computer Science, Dartmouth College;
  • David Patterson, Professor of Computer Science, U.C. Berkeley, where he led the design and implementation of RISC I (Reduced Instruction Set Computer); and
  • Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google, Inc. Schmidt co-authored the lex analysis software program for UNIX.

Recent C Reading

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Recent articles I read on C programming:

December 11, 2012

Keeping current with C: tips, tricks & resources | Embedded

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