Larry's Notebook

Embedded Systems

My main technical interest is embedded systems and microprocessors. My day job is developing firmware for DSPs. My hobby also involves microcontrollers.

Sub-topics I have interest in:
Computer Architecture
Wireless Networks

Current Platforms:

I use open(ish) hardware platforms.

  • Arduino, an Atmel AVR based solution. It has a large ecosystem from software tools to hardware form factors (especially shields) and is targeted to artists, designers, etc.
  • LeafLabs Maple, an ARM Cortex M-3 platform influenced by Arduino. This is currently my platform of choice.
  • Netduino combines ARM-based processor with Arduino physical form factor for shield compatibility. Develop with C#, Microsoft .NET Micro with Mono coming soon. Drawbacks: not real time capable due to interpreted code.
  • Make Controller, an ARM based solution. As a platform, it’s been overtaken by Arduino and similar solutions. It’s not being actively maintained./li>

Other Interesting Platforms:



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