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March 29, 2013

Raspberry Pi Readings

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Free Raspberry Pi Poster


I attended the MAKE’s 2nd International Maker Meetup: Raspberry Pi  at Makerbar, whose own Zack Freedman was featured in Ars Technica’s Raspberry Pi feature.

It’s a very portable and inexpensive platform that’s relatively easy to set up and easy to develop for. I have it set up to run in headless operation- I log in with VNC via RDP.

Introduction Links:

Project Links:


November 23, 2012

Getting Started with Raspberry Pi

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I picked up a Raspberry Pi, an ARM SoC based platform for a MakerBar class offering, “Raspberry Pi Baremetal Operating System Workshop“.

Required Hardware

I ordered from element14 a Raspberry Pi board, a case, power supply (do not power it off your USB hub or computer) and a 4GB SD card preloaded with Debian. I also needed an ethernet cable.

For initial setup, I borrowed an USB mouse, an USB keyboard and a monitor, but one could use a TV with the appropriate HDMI/DVI or composite video cables and adapters.

Getting Started

I borrowed a USB mouse, keyboard, HDMI cable with HDMI to DVI adapter and LCD computer monitor. Then, to get to headless operation, I setup SSH and then XRDP.

Now, to setup my toolchain and environment for the baremetal OS class at

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